Chanel Fall-Winter Collection 2018 Le Mat de Chanel: A First Look

As a beauty addict who spent her formative years in the golden era of matte makeup — THE ’90s! — I can attest that finding impeccable matte makeup is a freakin’ game-changer, because ye olde days of blending chalky chocolate eyeshadows and tending to parched pouts are ovah if the new all-matte makeup by Chanel has anything to say about it.
Can I just say…not one, but *two* ALL MATTE QUADS. And jumbo twist-up crayons and cream shadows! I believe this all-matte moment is a Chanel first, and if that is the case, please bring out the defibrillator ASAP because I’m dying.
It’s called the Fall-Winter Collection 2018 Le Mat de Chanel, and it’s out right now. Here’s a quickie look at swatches of some of the products, including the brown matte quad, because your homegirl had to go there!
The Chanel Fall-Winter Collection 2018 Le Mat De Chanel includes…

Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow in 308 Clair-Obscur and 312 Quiet Revolution ($61 each)
Joues Contraste Powder Blush in 330 Quintessence ($45)
Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur Jumbo Longwear Mat Lip Crayon in 257 Discretion, 259 Provocation, 265 Subversion, 261 Excess, 267 Impulsion, 269 Impact ($37 each)
Le Vernis Velvet Nail Colour in 636 Ultime, 638 Profondeur ($28 each)
Rouge Allure Ink Matte Liquid Lip Colour in 168 Serenity, 170 Euphorie, 172 Expression, 174 Melancholia ($37 each)
Stylo Ombre Et Contour Eyeshadow Liner Khol in 06 Nude Eclat, 12 Contour Clair, 04 Electric Brown, 08 Rouge Noir, 02 Bleu Nuit, 14 Contour Graphique, 10 Contour Sombre ($34 each)
Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue Ultra Wear Lip Colour in 43 Sensual Rose, 112 Chic Rosewood, 48 Soft Rose, 43 Sensual Rose, 43 Strawberry Red, 122 Soft Coral, 124 Soft Candy, 126 Radiant Pink, 59 Shocking Pink, 104 Bright Raspberry, 27 Daring Red, 49 Ever Red, 102 Milky Blueberry, 142 Sweet Berry ($37 each)

Holla if you share my love for mattes, or my love for Chanel, or my love for the ’90s…
Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,
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