Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow – 6 shades: Fringe, Lovely, Sequin, Nillionaire, So Quiche, 3

Hello, Beautiful!

It took me long enough, but I finally made a Colour Pop order for their Super Shock Shadows. I purchased six of them, since you get free shipping on orders of $30 or more (it’s almost like you have to get 6 or you’re wasting money). I made my color selections based on their shade descriptions on their website, some swatches directly from their website, and YouTube videos I’ve seen. Based on all that, I was beyond excited to receive my order and couldn’t wait to swatch these babies when they arrived in the mail.

However, my excitement was short lived. It was such a sad day when they look so beautiful in the pans only to be let down by swatches. I’ll explain more as the review goes on… my let downs are shade specific. There was only ONE shade I truly loved, and that is Nillionaire.

Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow Info & Review

Cost: $5.00 each (0.07 oz full size)
Availability: Available on the Colour Pop website.

My Rating: 3 to 4.5 out of 5 Kisses, depending on the shade

Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow
Shades: Fringe, Lovely, Sequin, Nillionaire, So Quiche, 3
Continue scrolling down to see more pics of each individual shade.

As you can see, these look BEAUTIFUL in the packaging before ever swatching them.

Especially beautiful in direct sunlight!!! I meant to take sunlight pics too, but I got a little busy and forgot. I just wanted to get this post up, so I decided to skip the sun light swatches this time around. I’ll probably make an Instagram post with them in direct sunlight in the future.

In case you want an ingredient list, here is what the back of the packaging looks like:

I mean, come on, look at how pretty these look! I had such high hopes and wanted these to work so bad. I really did. I wanted to love each and every one and just cover my face in them…. okay maybe not that far, but I really did want these to be everything I envisioned them to be. 

Below are two different swatch pics… one taken at just a slightly different angle to try and show the color shifts of Nillionaire and So Quiche.

These swatches make them all look much  more pigmented, as they are smaller concentrated swatch spots. You can see in the individual swatches in this post that they are a bit more sheer, with the exception of Sequin – which is probably the most opaque – and Nillionaire, which is really pretty. So Quiche is pretty decent too, followed by 3, and then shades Fringe and Lovely are the least pigmented.

I’ll go into more details on each shade below.

Additionally, I always hear “they’re only $5 and so pigmented and I don’t know how they do it at that price”… it’s because you’re not getting very much product. I had heard you don’t get much, but I wanted to see for myself. I swatched one shade just a tiny bit harder than normal (nothing insane, just a generous smoosh in) and instantly reached pan, while the product that was there had crumbled over. Since the texture is so squishy, it’s easy to squish it all back together, but still – you see how little you get?! For a cream type product, this is very, very little. Especially when you compare it to L’oreal Infallible shadows, which I think are far more pigmented than Color Pop, but not as sparkly.

Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow
Shade: Fringe
3 out of 5 Kisses

Fringe is described on the Colour Pop website as a shimmering champagne with gold and silver glitter.

While you can’t really tell from the studio lighting swatch, it is an accurate description – except the pigmentation is hardly there and it’s very sheer. This is one you’d have to really concentrate the application to get any real color pay off. For me, this is only a topper shade. The sparkle is there – it’s not crazy, but when the light catches your eye it will sparkle and that is when it’s pretty. I wanted this to be an all-over lid shade with more pigmentation though, so that’s why this gets such a low rating.

Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow
Shade: Lovely
3 out of 5 Kisses

Lovely is describe on the Colour Pop website as a soft light gold with shimmering flecks of multi-dimensional glitter, “wear anywhere from a sweet afternoon tea to a belligerent night in vegas”.

I only see gold in the pan, and once swatched it really loses that gold and leans more champagne. But since it’s so sheer, you even lose that unless you really concentrate the application of this shade. Again, this is just a topper shade for me. I wouldn’t even bother trying to make this built up to get a full color payoff.

The sparkle, when the light hits it, is pretty.

Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow
Shade: Sequin
4.5 out of 5 Kisses

Sequin is described on the Colour Pop website as a copper penny like shade with silver and gold glitter.

The copper penny description is spot on. This shade is the most opaque out of the six I purchased. the sparkle is there, but you’ll see more of a metallic shine with this one unless the light hits you and then you’ll see a sparkle.

This one also had really great staying power and can make a great all-over lid shade. Even plays nice with a makeup brush, unlike Fringe and Lovely.

Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow
Shade: Nillionaire
4.5 out of 5 Kisses

Nillionaire is described on the Colour Pop website as a warm bronze with tons of gold and multi colored glitter in a metallic finish.

This is my FAVORITE one of the group, and honestly, the only one I really truly like. The pigmentation is nice and so is the sparkle, with or without light directly hitting your eyes. When the light does hit your eyes, the multi colored sparkle reminds me of how Chanel’s New Moon sparkle is. Just really pretty and this one gets a 4.5 out of 5 for sure based on color and sparkle!

It’s also the only one I reach for to wear, and I’m really trying to give love to the other shades but it’s pretty impossible when I was so let down by them.

Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow
Shade: So Quiche
3.5 out of 5 Kisses

So Quiche is described on the Colour Pop website as a soft olive with a highly reflective gold and pink violet glittery duo chrome metallic finish.

I wanted this shade because I heard so much about it, and it’s described as such an amazing shade, so why not add this one to my order, right? Well I really don’t like it. It’s just not flattering on me, but I’m trying to make it work. And I kind of figured I wouldn’t enjoy this shade much but it had such rave reviews that I thought I’d have to be crazy not to like it.

The pigmentation is okay. Certainly not as good as Sequin, and still not as good as Nillionaire, but it’s far better than Lovely or Fringe. It’s an easier one to build up and get more color pay off, but really the sparkle is what you’re going after and the duo chrome shift. For me, it makes a nice topper more than a shadow.

Colour Pop Super Shock Shadow
Shade: 3
3 out of 5 Kisses

This did arrive “broken”, but because of their texture, it’s easy to squish it back down.

3 is describe on the Colour Pop website as a cool stone starlit bronze with a flash of silvery and multi-colored glitter.

I don’t know why, but this reminds me of blue-brown but without the blue. It has a slight color shift that seems to disappear but sneak in on certain glances. The sparkle is nice; I don’t see multi-colored glitter as much as I see the silver.

This shade is okay to me… it’s not the prettiest on me as an all over lid shade but I’m trying to make it work.

I actually ended up selling it in my most recent blog sale, because I figured if I wasn’t happy with it, I should sell it. I should have included all the others – except Nillionaire – but I am really trying to make them all work.

Overall, I wasn’t as impressed with Colour Pop as I was hoping. Maybe I just tried the wrong shades… but I selected shades based on what I would normally wear. Sure, I wanted to get some of their pressed pigment shades that are bright pink and neon yellow, but I know I hardly reach for those kinds of shades so I didn’t want those to be part of my very first Colour Pop order. Especially when I recently did a huge purge on my makeup collection and I’m trying to be very selective with my future purchases. 

Maybe their lip products are better than their eye products, but I don’t know. I’m sure I’ll make another Colour Pop order in the future, but I’ll see if there is a sale or something first. 

The texture of these shades are often talked about; they’re squishy and easy to crumble if you push too hard or apply too much to your lid with your finger. If you have the L’Oreal Infallible shadows, this texture isn’t the same. The L’Oreal shadows are creamy, soft and smooth – and yes, a bit smooshy. The Colour Pop texture is more squishy, slippery and soft. If you’ve tried the Physicians Formula shadows that are similar, that texture is near identical to the Colour Pop texture. 

I’m also not the biggest fan of how little product you get. It’s a very small amount, and I wonder how long they will last before they are used up or they dry out. And that’s another thing, you want to make sure you keep the lids on them tight and don’t leave the lids off long. Even when I was taking the pics for this blog post I tried to make sure I hurried and put the lids back on as soon as possible. 

As of right now, the only shade I can recommend is Nillionaire. I think Nillionaire is GORGEOUS and worth the $5.00! I’d say skip Fringe and Lovely if you’re looking for pigmentation and an all-over lid shade that packs a punch. They’re not really unique and I’d only recommend them as a topper and/or inner-corner sparkle/highlight. If you want the most color pay off, go with Sequin or Nillionaire. And again, I want to mention these recommendations are based on these six shades that I purchased, and only them. 

If you’ve tried Colour Pop and had a better experience than me, please let me know what shades you recommend. I have seen nothing but pigmented swatches, so I wa