Holy Sh*t – These 11 Stick Products Made My Beauty Routine Easier Than Ever

There are people who can do their beauty routine with three products in five minutes – and then there’s me. Like the popular Instagram meme, I’m that friend who carries a suitcase of makeup to get ready to go out for one night. You can always count on me to pack more makeup than clothes for vacation, and yes, my “natural” face requires damn near a million products.
Needless to say, my beauty routine is far from simple – so I decided to challenge myself. In an effort to prepare and downsize on load for an upcoming trip, I attempted to complete my entire beauty routine using only stick beauty products. For a makeup hoarder like me, this was quite the undertaking, but during my experiment, I found some new products that were travel-friendly, spill-proof, and easy AF to use. Ahead, find the sticks that finally helped me downsize my beauty load, making my entire vacation routine easy as pie.


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