Sorry for the lack of posts (an update) – plus: GIVEAWAY ALERT!!!

Hello, Beautiful!

Sorry for a complete lack of posts in recent weeks. Work life has been hectic and it’s been hard to keep up. My priorities have been my son, my work and my great dane. Even though I come home at night (sometimes as late as 7:30pm) with all the intentions in the world of taking care of the blog, it seems I cannot find the energy to do so. I am either busy with my son, cleaning, laundry, cooking, or just so exhausted I’m laying down to bed by 8pm.

This week should be a turning point, however, in my schedule. And I’m hoping I can begin to find more time for blogging again. Especially because I have some awesome reviews coming up from Brilliant Smile, PUR Minerals, Biore, Charlotte Tilbury, Masque Bar, Emjoi and more!

Please stick with me and I’ll be back to regular posts in no time 🙂

So now about the giveaway…

I’m running an Instagram giveaway for my work, Valley Green Naturals. I just started up their new Instagram page and I’m looking for followers. If you could, take a moment and follow @ValleyGreenNaturals

There is currently a giveaway on there to win ANY product you want from their website – plus, you’ll receive a custom soap you can’t find anywhere else but at our shop in Sperryville, VA!

All the details on how to enter on the Instagram page! Good luck!

xoxo with love & beauty,
Crystal Valentine