This Isn’t Just a $14 Can of Water, It’s the Most Effective Product I Own

I’m a pretty serious girl when it comes to my skin care. Cleanser, toner, serum, moisturizer. Mask and treatments twice a week. My routine is resolute – whether I’m traveling, at a sleepover, or even camping, I never fail to complete my entire regimen step by step. So why, two years ago, did I decide to completely ditch toners? Because I met my skincare soulmate: Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water ($14).
I had always known about the product but had never sold it to anyone or bothered trying it. “Who would pay $14 for a can of water?” I asked myself. For years I ignored it, trying loads of toners and other products while this hidden gem waited for me.
Everything changed when I attended a beauty conference one Summer. I was surprised when, in the midst of showcasing all the new and exciting products Vichy would be releasing, the rep turned the slide to the $14 can of water.
“This,” she explained, “is the heart of Vichy. It is included in every single one of our products.”
As it turns out, I couldn’t have been more wrong about the “can of water.” Vichy Thermal Water is far from the kind that comes out of your kitchen sink. It originates from a small town in France, a town actually named Vichy, known for its healing and soothing waters. What makes its water so special? The water runs through volcanic rock reaching over 4,000 meters underground. As it flows, it is infused with over 15 pure minerals, including calcium and iron, which naturally strengthen and reinforce your skin. In fact, Vichy was once a popular destination for the ancient Romans, who realized the water’s healing powers after bathing in the springs.
Not only is the water hypoallergenic and ant-inflammatory, it also balances pH and protects your skin from external aggressors such as weather. It can be used by anyone, with any skin type, at any age. I could barely wait to rush to the store and pick myself up a can as soon as the conference finished.
I’ve tried a lot of products on my sensitive skin over the years, and this one has by far been the best. After my serum, I mist the thermal water all over my face, then quickly apply my moisturizer on top. This seals it in so that my skin can drink it up. Within a month, my acne was gone, my dehydration lines were smoothed, and my skin was no longer red or irritated. The best part is, the only ingredient is mineral water, so there are no nasty preservatives or irritating ingredients you have to worry about. I even use it on my legs if I get razor burn.
I highly recommend including this in your skincare regimen. If you’re not ready to let your toner go, you can use both, although I find that the water alone is enough for me. You can also purchase cute travel sizes, perfect for the gym or holidays. And remember, never judge a product by its can.