Tom Ford Flawless Powder Foundation – shade 4.0 Fawn: before & after, swatches, complete review

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I don’t know who I think I am lately, but I’ve been splurging on luxury makeup. But after my recent makeup purge — which was my biggest purge yet (I purged over 1,200 items… over 700 went into my recent blog sale, the rest was given away) — I decided to treat myself to some select luxury items. I have plenty of high-end makeup, but a handful of luxury makeup products in my collection.

Tom Ford definitely falls into the luxury makeup category with the average price of one item being in the $60 to $80 range; that’s expensive! And that’s also why up until very recently I had never purchased any of his makeup.

If there is one makeup category I am all for splurging on, it’s a foundation (liquid or powder formula). So when I decided to try a Tom Ford item, I knew I wanted to try a foundation product. I’m currently still in love with my Marc Jacobs Remarcable Full Cover Foundation, so I didn’t want to try another liquid foundation, but I did want to try a powder foundation. That’s when I purchased the Tom Ford Flawless Powder Foundation. Did it live up to my expectations? Am I just paying for a name? Continue reading to find out all my thoughts…

Tom Ford Flawless Powder Foundation Info & Review

Cost: $80.00 (0.24 oz full size)
Availability: Available on the Tom Ford website, at Nordstrom, and everywhere else Tom Ford makeup is sold. 

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Kisses


This versatile foundation glides onto skin with a silky, light as air formula to create a flawless and natural-looking canvas for color. Designed to be worn as a buildable foundation offering light to medium coverage or as a luxurious finishing powder, it features micro-fine, light-reflecting powders for a luminous finish. Includes a special sponge applicator to build coverage or set the look. Use flocked white side for a sheer, natural finish. Use flat-sponge beige side for a full-coverage effect.

Currently available in 8 shades.

Tom Ford Flawless Powder Foundation
Shade: 4.0 Fawn

Here is what the front and back of the box looks like. Click on them to view larger.


The compact comes in a little suede pouch, which is a nice touch, but I will likely never use that pouch again. I’ve had products come with them before, even lipsticks, and they always end up tossed in the trash. I do plan to keep it though to use it for maybe travel to if I take this palette with me it would be a nice way to help protect it, and I guess an $80 powder is worth the extra level of protection. 

The compact is your typical Tom Ford compact size and look (same size/look as his shadow quads).

It comes with a duo-sided sponge applicator….

The flocked side is for a more sheer application of powder – great for touch-ups too.

While the sponge side will give a fuller coverage….

I chose the shade 4.0 Fawn. I had a really hard time narrowing down to one shade because I know the pics online don’t really add up to what it looks like in person, and I don’t have a Tom Ford counter near me to go swatch these in person. After some research, I decided that the shade Fawn would work best for me. It actually is a really perfect shade match for me! For reference, in MAC I’m NC25/NC30.

Below are several Before & After pics. Click on the pic below to view them larger. 

I applied it with the sponge side to get the coverage, and it’s just one layer. You could build it up. For me, I was really impressed with the coverage on its own. It certainly can give you a good medium coverage. It’s not a full/complete coverage. I have read that you can wet the sponge and apply it that way to get fuller coverage, but this foundation does not list its use as wet/dry, so I certainly won’t risk ruining an $80 powder when I am happy with the coverage and how I’m using it.

I actually purchased this to use as a finishing powder to give my face a flawless, airbrushed look. But I ended up also being happy wearing it on its own. If I need to just run a quick errand I don’t feel like I have to do my normal foundation routine and can instead just apply this powder foundation in about 30 seconds and be out the door.

When worn on its own you won’t even feel it on your skin. It’s incredibly light weight, silky smooth and looks really nice. Gives your skin a healthy look; not a flat matte that a lot of powders can give you. As the day goes on it looks more and more luminous. Doesn’t look heavy or cakey at all. On me, it lasts (without a primer) for about 4 hours before I notice I need to touch-up – but even at that point you don’t really need to touch it up. If anything, you may want to blot and you’re good for another 1 to 3 hours. But I don’t find it’s very long wearing (and has no claims to be). It certainly can wear a decent length of time before you need a touch-up, especially if you use a primer and a setting spray, but just on its own you shouldn’t expect it to look perfect for more than 4 to 5 hours.

This powder doesn’t control oil, but it also doesn’t have any claims to help with oil control – so I wasn’t expecting it to control oil, but I also don’t have really oil skin. My skin is combo, and more dry than anything, and I still see shine as the day goes on. If you have oily skin I don’t think this is the best powder for you, unless you want to top it with an additional powder (a translucent setting powder, to help control oil). This would be best for those with normal, combo or dry skin. So pretty much anyone except those with oily skin. Slightly oily skin (meaning you fall into the combo skin category) may still love this powder. 


I think this powder formula is beautiful – both in the texture and how it looks on your skin. It can look great on its own or as a finishing powder to give your skin that final/extra layer of flawlessness. The shade selection isn’t the best; only 8 shades (currently) but I was lucky enough to fall perfectly in the 4.0 Fawn shade. If you can find your shade this powder is a nice luxury.

However, for $80 I do wish it was longer lasting and did a bit more of oil control. Those are my only two cons to this powder, and it’s why I only gave this a 4 out 5 Kisses rating. If it just lasted longer I would have given this a 5 out 5 Kisses easily.

This powder is one that I really have been enjoying but I’m not sure if it’s one I will re-purchase just because $80 is a lot of money and I feel like I can get longer wear from cheaper powders. Still, this is one luxury powder I’m going to enjoy having in my collection and it certainly is nice enough that I don’t want to return it.

Now let me know what you think…

What do you think of this powder? Have you tried this, or would you consider adding this to your beauty wish list? Discuss in the comments below!
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