Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in Paradiso

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I never thought this would happen, but I think I’m addicted to Tom Ford makeup! That’s a very bad addiction to have, considering the average item is around $50 to $80 a piece. I haven’t gone off the deep end yet and into complete debt over this line… no, instead I’ve added piece by piece (and even returned a few, less-than-worthy items).

In today’s post, I have the Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer in the shade Paradiso. This lipstick was from his Summer 2015 collection, but I’ve only now (in November) started to use it. I will say, this is a much more summer shade for certain — especially when you see just how NOT sheer this “sheer” lipstick is.

Check out all the product info below, along with my full review and an array of pics!

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer Info & Review

Cost: $52.00 (0.1 oz full size)
Availability: Available on the Tom Ford website, at Nordstrom, at Neiman Marcus, and everywhere else Tom Ford beauty is sold.

My Rating: 5 out of 5 Kisses for the formula… 4.5 out of 5 Kisses for the shade Paradiso.


Tom Ford’s Lip Color Sheer delivers a lustrous sheen of color that compliments sun-kissed, summer skin. A decadent mix of Vitamins C and E, plus shea butter, helps lavish the lips with saturated moisture. The distinct, beveled lip color sheer bullet is packaged in a retro-chic, ivory and gold colored Tom Ford case.

This shade is from his Summer 2015 collection, which included four shades. 

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer
Shade: 07 Paradiso

This is what the box looks like…


This lipstick packaging is in white with gold trim instead of his usual deep brown/burgundy and gold. I like this color combo a lot more…. white and gold together is just really pretty to me. 

The top of the lipstick lid has his traditional TF embossed.

And the bottom has a sticker with the shade name. My sticker is put on very crooked… you’d think for such an expensive lipstick a detail like that would be unacceptable. I mean, Maybelline and L’Oreal seem to get it right.

And here she is again… such a pretty pink. It photographs a little differently than it appears in person. And even in person I find that the shade looks different in various lighting.

Sometimes it looks more red, other times more coral, and even sometimes it pulls with a hint of orange. But the main shade is pink, and it’s a beauty.

This bullet style isn’t my favorite. It has a flat, pointed top. I know some people prefer this style because they say it can line the contours of the lip better, but I just don’t have the lip shape for this. Plus, once it wears down you lose that precision anyway. But it’s nothing I can’t work with.

And of course, the traditional TF is embossed into the lipstick.

Here are two swatches of Paradiso:

And lip swatches of Paradiso:

This isn’t the best lighting, but you can see there is NOTHING sheer about this lipstick formula. It’s very good pigmentation, especially considering I was expecting a sheer wash of color.


I purchased this lipstick with the intention of getting a sheer wash of color… imagine my surprise when I applied this to my lips and was given anything but sheer. Sure, it’s not totally opaque on first swipe, but you can see from the lip swatch pics above just how opaque it can be.

The shade I decided to try, Paradiso, is a gorgeous coral pink that seems to morph slightly depending on the lighting. Sometimes it looks very pink, other times more coral, and even at times a bit red. It certainly is a beauty though… and a shade I do think is very summer appropriate.
What I love most about this lipstick is how hydrating it is. It feels so incredibly luxurious on my lips…. very silky smooth. If you’ve followed my blog for awhile then you probably have heard me say that I have the driest lips on planet earth… year round dryness! So when a lipstick feels this good on my lips, it’s something to take note of!

I really love Tom Ford lipsticks, from what I’ve tried so far. I have this one, a sheer, and one of this regular lipsticks in the shade Pink Dusk — which is probably my holy grail nude shade (blog post of that beauty to come soon).

Also, just for comparison, I do find this lip sheer is a bit more hydrating and conditioning on the lips than his regular line of lipsticks.

If you want a luxurious lipstick that feels like an amazing lip balm but looks like a lipstick, then give this one a go. If you’d rather save the cash, I understand fully. $52 for just ONE lipstick is insane… you gotta REALLY love the shade AND the formula. For me, I love the formula and like the shade. But when it comes to the Pink Dusk lipstick… well, I love the formula AND shade and wouldn’t hesitate to repurchase that one. Paradiso, while it’s pretty, isn’t a lipstick I’m adding to my “must re-purchase” list…. at least not yet. Give me a few months and warmer weather and we’ll see how I feel then.

Now let me know what you think…

What do you think of this lipstick? Have you tried this, or would you consider adding this to your beauty wish list? Discuss in the comments below!
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Crystal Valentine